Jill and Peter Swingler (Parents and founders)


As the parents of an Autistic son, we have learnt alongside our son and battled the system to enable him to access the very best opportunities throughout his school life. The next step was to find the best possible outcomes and opportunities for him as an adult. We knew this would not be a simple task, so with determination and passion we were motivated to move forward and create something wonderful for adults with learning disabilities.


Our Staff

All staff receive training, guidance and support. We provide an environment where staff are consistently expected to demonstrate high standards of care and a great knowledge of the range of learning needs they may encounter at the centre.

Staffing ratios may reflect the intricacy and complexity of the tasks in addition to the learning styles of the adults undertaking the tasks. Ratios may vary from 1:1 in certain situations to 3:1.  The ratio of students to qualified staff will be set as a maximum of 3:1.

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