All of our enterprise activities
are student driven.Communication,
social awareness, responsibility and independence will be promoted throughout all opportunities.



The Reach Opportunity Centre has a number of small micro business that organically grow and expand alongside the growth and development of the students that participate in running them.

The Social Enterprise is the focus and context for real work experience, designed to encourage and develop essential real life and work related skills.
All our Businesses are fully supported in the Safe environment of the Reach Opportunity Centre.


Developing individual skills through work related tasks

Taking orders from businesses on site.

Communicating by telephone

Processing internet orders



Stock taking

Cooking and baking goods

Customer service

Handling and calculating money


Devising and printing menu's

Pricing items

Product design

Preparing and packaging goods

Advertising products

Transition to other opportunities including work placements, where appropriate.


Our Aim

To give every student attending the Reach Centre the opportunity to work within a real working environment.

At Reach we offer guidance, support and encouragement

so all our Students can access these opportunities within

a safe supported environment.


The Reach Centre is dedicated to following the interests of the students and continuing to develop essential skills in communication, independence and life