Funding to attend the Reach Centre may be accessed through direct payments, a social care package or through private funding.

Availability is limited in order to ensure the highest standard of provision.

Staffing ratios may reflect the intricacy and complexity of the tasks in addition to the learning styles of the adults undertaking the tasks.

Ratios may vary from 1:1 in certain situations to 3:1

Opening hours: 9.00 am until 3.00 pm for day care.
Additional hours/clubs and transport can be provided.


Day Rate

3 : 1 =£51.75

1 : 1 =£100.00

For all other rates please Contact us


Additional Hours

Other Services

At Reach we understand how difficult it can be to find additional support and care during the evenings and weekends. That why we have put together a team of Qualified and dedicated staff who are able to offer P.A services outside of our normal working hours.

For additional hours please Contact us on 01934 707340 or email




We may be able to offer Transport

For more information and prices on this service please contact us.


Lunch, Snacks and Drinks


We have a selection of main meals, fresh fruit and deserts that are prepared and cooked daily at the reach centre, in addition to this we have 2 x breaks where a choice of refreshments, fresh fruit and snacks are served.

The cost for Lunch and refreshments is £2.50 a day.